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We have extensive and wide-ranging experience dealing with start-up veterinary practices in all manner of situations.

This can range from an individual or individuals forming a new practice, joint venture arrangements being put in place by existing practices with incomers, or those that have previously sold their practices looking to re-enter the market-place.

The underlying business considerations are the same, regardless of the participators, but the considerations will be significantly affected by those that are involved and the specific arrangements.

We deal with all aspects of start-up practices, from consultancy advice, initial funding applications and requests, securing finance from specialist veterinary lenders and hand-holding through the entire process.

As detailed under ‘Our Services’, we are able to offer a complete outsourcing service to allow the individuals to focus on what they do well, being clinical work.

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We work with veterinary professionals all over the UK, so to find out how we can help you, contact us for a free consultation at your convenience.

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