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The world of farm practice is inextricably linked to the fortunes and direction of agriculture UK, setting it apart from the other species work types.

In addition to the external regulatory influences impacting farmers, farm practice faces the intense commercial considerations of farming needing to balance the welfare of animals under your care with the hard commercial facts of UK agriculture.

For farm practice, the vet’s role is different to equine (in the main) and small animal, albeit underpinned by animal health.

The economics of farm practice are also entirely different to the other species, with competitive pressure, the potential for decoupling of the supply and sale of medicines, and the constant worry and threat of TB and the new TB contract.

Farm practices have, for many years, had to keep a very close eye on medicine pricing, given the competitive pressures that exist.

The cost structure of farm practice and the benchmark results one would expect to see are specific to farm practice generally and need to be tailored to the specific make up of individual practices.

Our advisory work for farm practice is, therefore, entirely bespoke practice to practice but, commonly, will involve working closely with clients to look at KPIs and benchmark data, together with seeking out opportunities for potential and appropriate expansion and consolidation.

All of the usual day-to-day accounting and tax requirements are undertaken; that is a given with the service that we provide for our clients.

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