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Since Moore Scarrott Veterinary was formed, we have ensured that the service we provide is entirely flexible, based on the individual needs of each client.

We have always considered what we do as two distinct components:

1. Compliance work;


2. Added value work.

For any individual involved in business or having dealings with HMRC, there is a need for work to be dealt with, as a regulatory requirement. This we consider to be compliance work, i.e. it is simply a cost of complying with the legislation. It is impossible to deliver added value in respect of this work and it is, quite simply, an overhead cost of the business or an expense for the individual concerned.

The key aspect in respect of this work is that we look to keep the compliance cost down, to allow us to deliver the work to the clients at the required standards and within agreed timeframes, whilst discharging our professional responsibilities.

Added value work encompasses all of the work that we do, where the purpose of that work is to make the individual ‘better off’ in some way.

In respect of this type of work, we view it as an investment made by clients, where they would look for a return from that investment as multiples of the cost of the work being undertaken.

This approach has served us well over the last 20 years and has helped us make many clients far better off as a result.

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